Sweet Sister,
Are you ready to heal from the pain of your relationship with your narcissistic mother?

It's time!


This 4-week masterclass is the FIRST STEP in healing from your toxic relationship with your narcissistic mother.

Whether you are choosing to maintain contact, go low-contact, or go no-contact with your narcissistic mother- this class is for you!

During this class, you will learn how to assess the relationship with your narcissistic mother from a place of honesty, understand the toxic dynamics that are occurring in your relationship with her, identify the signs that your mother is toxic, and create your personal healing goals.

Doing this work will give you the validation, acceptance, and clarity that you need to begin your journey toward healing.

As we walk alongside one another in this class you will come to understand that:

You ARE NOT crazy

You ARE NOT alone

You ARE NOT stuck

You can break free from your mother's narcissistic programming!

Take the first step on your journey toward breaking free with me TODAY!

Join Mama Trauma Masterclass 101 for only $97!

Seats are limited!

There are payment plans available!


    After working with Ronica I have more confidence, not blaming myself, knowing all this that’s been going on all these years is not my fault, being able to move forward and understanding more about narcissism and that my mom will never change Yes I was hesitant because I didn’t know if this would help me, but it did. I would recommend this program to a friend and would tell them that Ronica is very understanding, a great listener. She knows what it’s like to be raised in a dysfunctional environment and was able to recover from it. She is definitely a woman of God and is always sharing scriptures on how to handle situations that I was struggling with. Thank you Ronica and God bless you!


    When I started working with Ronica I felt overwhelmed and confused about recently connecting the dots and realizing my mom really is a narcissist! I was in denial. I had listened to one of her podcasts, but was still nervous and wondered if coaching would help. After our first zoom call I felt better and knew that I was in the right place! I needed someone who had been down this road and could help me along the way. I didn't know how to deal with my narcissistic mother who plays the victim card a lot and has excuses for her actions.

    I needed to work through the guilt and shame of pulling back from her and being alright with it. I needed to learn to be my own person. And after working with Ronica, I got my voice back!!! She helped me to work on strengthening my muscles of being heard. I have more confidence in speaking up for myself. I feel like I have ammo (words/boundaries) in my gun to shoot straight with my mom and know that it's the right thing to do even when it is EXTREMELY hard and emotional for me.

    I'm learning to take care of myself...I'm worth it!