Are you at the end of your rope in your relationship with your narcissistic mother?

It's time for your to start your journey toward peace & freedom!

The "Laying My Foundation" Mama Trauma Masterclass will help you gain the "ground level" knowledge you need to be successful on your journey toward healing!

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Don't spend another minute trying to sort though the

crazy-making relationship with your narcissistic mother on your own. That's what sisters are for!


    This program is truly a God-send and life-changing, life-giving blessing to me. It's helped support me, it's helped untangle and clarify what I couldn't in my brain, it's helped piece together things that didn't make sense, it's changing my mindset in how I see myself, in how God sees me and how others who are healthy see me. I'm learning that how I grew up and was raised wasn't my fault and that I can live a happier and healthier life....I get to choose that life.


    with Ronica Cormier

    In this class you will:

    • Get answers to the top questions that daughters have before they can start their journey toward healing .

    • Learn the top 10 truths that every daughters must know before she starts her journey.

    • Start step 1 of your healing process TODAY!

    It's Go Time

    It's one thing to know that things need to change in your relationship with your narcissistic mother, but actually being prepared to make those changes is something totally different!

    Am I right?


    This class prepares your heart and mind to make the hard changes.

    Every daughter struggles with the decision of whether or not to heal because healing means leaving everything you know behind.

    But the truth is that everything you know is TOXIC!

    And it's time for your to break the chains of dysfunction off of your life so you can finally find your peace.

    This class has everything you need to lay a strong foundation for your journey toward healing and freedom!

    Let's do the dang thing!

    See you inside!!